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Watch out for this mistake when recruiting

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Employment Law

As an employer, you should remain informed of changes in both society and the law. Most job applicants do not set out looking to take a potential employer to court. They want a job, and they want to be treated fairly when their application is considered. Unfortunately, their definition of “fair” may not match your definition of “fair”.

If you have been in business for years, , you are likely aware that  what was once considered to be acceptable  is not necessarily acceptable anymore. California maintains some of the most stringent employment laws in the country in terms of employee protections and equality. It is critical that employers be familiar with these laws in order to best comply with them.

Regardless of Your Feelings, You Have to Follow the Law

One area that is gaining increased publicity is age discrimination when recruiting. It is essential to set personal opinions related to protected classes such as age, disability, gender, race and nationality aside when recruiting and treat each applicant the same, evaluating their knowledge, skills and abilities. Getting help to ensure your company’s recruitment policy complies with all employment laws will reduce the risk you unknowingly breach them and end up in court.